Handmade Russian/Volume eyelash extensions fans

Glamour Beauty

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- Easy to pick and apply (only requires the classic 1:1 technique)

- Super lightweight

- Cuts your application times in half

- Completely knot free

- Super soft

- Lashes made in South Korea assembled in United Kingdom

- Fast and Free UK delivery Items arrive loose but you actually get a lot more fans compared to the fans that are assembled in rows.

I am myself being an eyelash technician over 5 years now. So i really understand how hard (how much work) and how much time it take to complete a perfect Russian Volume extension set. I was always wondering how to find a way to reduce my time, reduce my work But still can keep the quality work and perfect look as it should be, when I do the Russian Volume lash for my clients.
Therefor, I am very happy finally I found the way to produce the Russian Volume fans which I am selling to you now, with best quality products and perfection skill added in to each fan.