Eyelash adhesive Glamour Beauty PRO NR.1

Glamour Beauty

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Glue for masters of eyelash extension with the extensive experience.

Color: black.
Volume: 10ml
Professional glue for eyelash extensions.
Set time: 0.5-1 sec.
Duration: 6-8 weeks.

If you are looking for trustable, professional and really strong glue you don't need to look any further.

More liquid consistency of glue, allows to use less glue in the process of eyelash extension. Has a minimal smell and minimum level of evaporation. Economical in use. After drying- flexible and ductile.
Resistant to changes in environmental conditions, such as humidity and air temperature, does not require special storage conditions.

Store in a cool dark place, do not store in the refrigerator. After opening the glue shelf life is two months.

Made in South Korea.

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