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CC Brow Henna is an innovative technique for styling and colouring eyebrows. This treatment called powder henna is considered a breakthrough in eyebrow dyeing. Thanks to the fully natural base, it nourishes and restores hair structure. Henna Powder CC Brow Henna is a response to traditional eyebrow colouring.

The colour with the effect of permanent makeup remains on the skin for 7-14 days, and on the hair for up to 6 weeks. The durability of the treatment depends on the type of skin and hair. In addition, it has been proven that henna restores and improves the condition of eyebrows up to 60%. It does not require the use of hydrogen peroxide and a special oxidising agent.

COLOUR: Foxy, Blonde, Light Brown, Grey Brown, Brown, Dark Brown, Black. (5gm each)

CC Brow Starter Kit contains:

  •  7 shades of CC Henna for eyebrows 5g (in jars)
  •  CC Henna for eyelashes and eyebrows (black) 10 g (in jars)
  •  Brow Primer
  •  Eyebrow Shampoo
  •  Eyebrow Scrub 
  •  Eyebrow and eyelash oil
  •  Brush (medium)
  •  Glass dish

Eyebrow styling using powder henna takes about an hour and consists of:

  1. Patch test (should be done 24 hours before application)
  2. Consultation - combined with colour analysis
  3. Make-up removal - CC Brow Shampoo, peeling - CC Brow Scrub and eyebrow cleansing - CC Brow Primer
  4. Creating the perfect eyebrow shape - with a ruler, thread, measuring tape and compass
  5. Applying CC Brow Paste white paste around the eyebrows, protecting the skin from dyeing the eyebrows
  6. Combining the required amount of henna with warm water to a paste-like consistency
  7. Application of henna CC Brow Henna mix - the product should remain on the skin until completely dry. Exposition from 15-45 min
  8. Washing the mix and shaping it using the chosen method (wax, tweezers, threading)
  9. Applying CC Brow Oil for eyebrow oil

The CC Brow Henna powder starter kit contains all the products you need to get started in your salon. It consists of 7 shades that appear in the CC Brow Henna offer.

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